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Homes of Outstanding Quality

Short-Stay Inn connects your company to our large network of landlords in the Netherlands. By looking at your demands, we can find your employees a fitting home in the area of your company. This way you don't have to worry about finding a fitting home as we do it for you!

As a company you benefit, via Short-Stay Inn, of our large network of great homes without paying anything!

Unique Concept

Since the year 2010 are Sander Lock and Johanna Preegel busy with their B&B in Enschede. (See: www.EnscheDayInn.nl)

With the introduction of the unique concept, Short-Stay Inn, they were able to reach a occupancy rate of over 92,5% for all 5 rooms.

To meet the constantly rising demand, the concept has been offered to landlords and companies in the Netherlands since 2016.

How does it work?

You sign up to Short Stay Inn, by using the button on the right side, and we will take care of any requests for finding a suitable home for your employees.

Thanks to our large network of landlords, we can make sure that your employees have access to the best apartments available. Because of this fact we can make sure that your employee will have a great landlord and that there will not be any problems during the stay.

No Effort

Your input will primarily be: letting us know when an employee needs a home in the Netherlands. All other activities will be taken care of by Short Stay Inn.

This is our 'No Effort' policy. We will make sure we will find your employees a fitting home when you request it.


If you are interested, you can click on the button down below to sign your company up. There are no fees connected to signing up.

Our service is aimed at keeping the costs for companies at zero.